About Us

Metchosin ArtPod is a group of  local and Southern Island  artists intent on engaging our community in art through exhibitions, workshops,  classes, and other art-related events.

Art is powerful. Many of us do not think about art until we experience something profound, such as love,  or  traumatic, such as loss of a loved one. Suddenly, we find ourselves seeking something to make sense of this life. Ethan Hawke explains that when we say art is ‘’pleasant’’ or art is “nice” it is not simply this but rather it is vital to our communities. We at ArtPod believe that art is a way of connecting with one another and, in turn, it is the gateway to healing our community through shared experiences. We all have a natural desire to share our stories with one another and to convey parts of ourselves through various forms of self-expression. We recognize the significance of having a space where consistent interaction and sharing can occur and our goal is to support local artists while at the same time uplifting our community.


We are located in the Old Metchosin Schoolhouse across from My Chosen Café. 4495 Happy Valley Rd.

Check out our Events Page to see our upcoming Exhibitions as well as Workshops.

We are currently accepting new members to join our collective. Please email metchosinartpod@gmail.comfor more information.