Courtney Standing





Artist Biography

Born in Alberta, Courtney spent her youth in Edmonton, usually daydreaming about mild and warmer Canadian winters. She thought it was the norm, not being able to feel your fingers and toes 8 months out of every year!

After graduating in 2017 with her Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA), she moved to the mystical and wonderful Victoria, BC. There, she found an Artist Collective known as The ArtPod (Formed in 2019). It reminded her of the Group of Seven, only there were more members and thankfully, unlike Tom Thompson, a Painter from the Group of Seven, she has not yet disappeared on a canoe trip!

Courtney is a Singer/Songwriter, as well as Freelance Artist working collaboratively on Print Design and Web Design for Zeppelin Creative. She specializes in Oil Painting and enjoys pushing the boundaries of Painting in terms of materials and unconventional processes. She continues to explore areas of Contemporary Art such as Installation, as well as Sculptural and 3-Dimensional Painting.


Artist Statement

I am interested in looking at the canvas as a portrait, or rather an entity, whereby the canvas can be interpreted as skin, as I bulk up the canvas with layers of paint and brush away, tear, sand and further reveal the layers underneath. My process can be quite energetic, laborious, and frantic and this is intentional. My process or my approach to painting has become just as important, if not more than, the idealization and perfect rendering of an object/figure that is a part of the subject matter. I have begun to question the act of painting itself, which has informed my painting “style.”

Some would say that “feminism is the gateway to humanism (Nemser, Cindy), and some would agree that women making art today is a feminist act in itself. Moreover, during this time in our world where natural resources are scarce, as humans we are questioning more than ever our relationship to our environment and to nature, it seems natural that we look deeper than the surface or superficial levels of ourselves and rather at our own bodies in a biological more natural form. Our physical bodies are simply tiny ecosystems interconnected with our natural environment that continues to be threatened and eroded. Just as an Artist decides to create a piece of art we have everyday choices that determine the well-being of our world which inevitably affects our personal well-being. We are not separate from our environment. My Artworks communicate this sense of desensitization and disconnection between our sense of self or humanness and our Natural environment. It is a very intimate relationship that I believe myself and all of us will continue to reassess, “heal” and “repair.”


“Vulnerability” Mixed mediums on Canvas.


“Reveal” Mixed Mediums on Canvas