About Face – A Portrait Show

January 16 - February 28, 2021


Open Call for our new juried portrait show, About Face, scheduled to run January 16th through February 28th,  2021. The portraitist confronts an impossible but worthwhile task–to portray another human (or him/herself), “truthfully.”

Note that photography is not accepted for this show. Human portraiture only. Email dimark@shaw.ca or fhm@shaw.ca for additional info.

Please note below a link to our Zoom Opening January 16, 2021 7-8 pm, see you there.

Topic: Zoom Opening About Face
Time: Jan 16, 2021 07:00 PM Vancouver
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Information For Artists:

Guidelines for Submissions:

 Artists are invited to submit photos of up to three pieces each for About Face, the ArtPods Portrait Show 2021.




Submissions (information and images), are to be emailed to metchosinartpod@gmail.com on or before Monday, 14 December 2020.              This earlydate is required due to exigencies of the season, and to allow time for framing of accepted pieces.
The jury, comprising of the visiting artist Noah Layne, supported by ArtPod members, will issue notices of acceptance/rejection on or before Monday, 28 December 2020.
Artists will deliver accepted works to ArtPod on the morning of  Monday, 11 January, 2021.
The show, About Face will run 11 am to 4 pm, Fridays – Sundays, from Friday, 15 January to Sunday, 21 February 2021. 
Art will remain on the walls during the whole period of the show (any exceptions to be agreed with ArtPod.
Artists should  pick up their unsold works  after 4pm on 21 February 2021,  or at such time as they have agreed with ArtPod.  
Proceeds (less 25% commission) of sales will be paid by e-transfer or cheque on or before 22 February 2021.


 Theme Of the Show

The portraitist confronts an impossible but worthwhile task – to portray another human (or him/herself) truthfully.” “Truth,has a large number of physical and emotional components, changes over time, and may vary among viewers. Indeed, people spend large parts of their lives trying to understand the truthabout themselves, let alone others. Most portraits are the face and perhaps body of the subject. However, many portraits go well beyond cataloguing the temporary visual image as recorded in a photograph. Nevertheless, we fully expect that most works submitted for this show will have made use of photographic images in the process but gone beyond what the photo can provide. For purposes of this show, portraits should be of people only.


Selection Criteria

In general, the size of the gallery and the numbers of applications and the need to fulfil ArtPod’s objectives require that some selection be made of which art to show.

The ArtPod aims to provide interesting art for viewers, and  to encourage participation in the arts by community members. If a piece is not selected its not about the quality of the work it only means that given the space available and the applications received, more suitable pieces were available for this show. ArtPod hopes that artists will continue to contribute in the future.  In general, the selection criteria include qualitative and practical issues.

 Qualitative issues: include the creativity and originality of the interpretation of the theme, the quality of overall design, composition and colour, the works impact in the context of the theme.  The juror will take account of experience of artists, with allowances for skills shown in pieces by self-identified emergingartists (who have only been showing for two or fewer yearssee also submission contents, below.)

 On the practical side, Art may be declined if the photos submitted of the works are unclear or colours unbalanced (except if this is meant to illustrate the theme see artists blurb below), if the framing is unsatisfactory, if the canvas is mouldy or still wet, or if hanging/display gear is not included or if we determine that it cannot be displayed in manner we deem safe to the piece and/or viewers.  

2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional artworks are accepted.
Maximum size for 2-D Artworks is 7ft in height X 5ft in width. No minimum size restriction.
Sculptural works should be able to be accommodated on plinths (as available in ArtPod or for which space can be made) or as wall hangings (using picture wire, to be included with piece).
Artwork submitted must be original and created by the artist. It must not be a copy of another artists work. The artist must not use any copyright material within their artwork unless it has been altered in a significant way, or unless the artist has been given permission to use materials, such as photographic imagery.
We accept limited edition prints such as giclee, inkjet and /or archival ink. We accept prints that are printed onto various substrates.
Portrait photographs will not be accepted for this show.

Contents of Submission

Non-refundable submission fee of $10 per artwork. There is no additional hanging fee for accepted pictures. Payment can be made  before or at  submission by e-transfer (metchosinartpod@gmail.com), cash, or cheque made out to Metchosin ArtPod and mailed to 4488 William Head Road, Victoria V9C 3Y6  or dropped off at ArtPod during opening hours or by appointment.
Maximum three works per artist.
When submitting include with each image:

            a. Title of Work: eg: My father

            b. Artist Name: eg: Jane Sparrow c. Artist e-mail: eg: jsparrow@birdword.com

c. Optional: Request to be considered an emerging artist.This designation   will appear on the picture label. This status is available if the artists have not participated in juried shows before January 2019 (two years ago).

            d. Medium: eg: acrylic on board.

            f. Number of the image: eg: 1 of 3 images.

            g. Dimensions: eg: 16x16.

            h. Price: (It is expected that submitted work will be for sale. In very exceptional circumstances, an artist may request, and the jury agree, that the piece be listed Not for Sale (NFS), but a full justification should be included in the submission for the piece concerned.)

             i. A Blurb which indicates how the piece fits with the shows theme, especially if there is any doubt about that! e.g., I am fascinated by the mind-blowing diversity of humans, how no two are ever exactly alike and the extent to which life and experience can imprint so many subtle differences among them. The portraitist follows an impossible task to portray another being with a high degree of truth,which, of necessity depends on the eye of the beholder!  Alternatively, artists may include an artists blurbwhich applies to all their works. 



ArtPod does not have insurance for items in the show so all artwork is left at the owners risk although works on display are never left unattended when the Gallery is open and ArtPod will make every effort to protect work.