Art Bird Cards 2021

It is that time again! The New Year has ushered in a new flock of birds to choose from for the ABC Project 2021. Once again, the bird list is provided by Rocky Point Bird Observatory. The first 36 local artists to sign up and be approved to go ahead with a bird will be the artists for our next “deck” of cards, designed for use in the field or at home to identify local birds. Last year’s deck was hugely popular at both the local and regional levels with participants and purchasers alike. The signup form is here.

Images must be realistic enough that they can be used for bird identification.

After signup and assignment of a bird, artists donate the use of their image to the ABC project for cards and promotion. The original work remains that of the artist and can be sold or shown if they choose. Artist’s names and websites are placed on the front (image side) of the cards. Naturalists (from Rocky Point Bird Observatory) provide the most current information to be used on the backs of the cards.

Additional detail and FAQs about the project are available here.