Silkscreen Workshop

February 19 - 20, 2022

Water based Silkscreen Workshop with Bill Horne

Silkscreens can be used to make fine art prints or to
transfer images onto textiles, stickers, and just about
anything that’s flat! This hands-on course will introduce
you to a variety of silkscreen techniques using water based
inks and low-tech stencils.
In order to maximize your exposure to different methods,
we will experiment more than attempt to produce flawless
finished editions, i.e. the learning process will be more
important than results. However, experimentation usually
leads to creative insights, so you can expect to discover new
imagery, transformations, and compositions.
Print runs will be short and small format in order to allow
us to try out as many techniques as possible in the short
time available. The focus will be on simple methods that
one can use in a home studio, without a huge investment in
We will print in pairs for efficiency and to emphasize
the various steps in printing. With a limited number of
participants, you will be able to ask lots of questions.
Less solvents and toxic chemicals are used in water based
printing than with oil based inks. However, if anyone is
pregnant or has severe allergies, please let me know.



Printing a colour gradient.

Necktubes silkscreened with two textile dye colours on the drying rack.


Day 1

▪ Introductions, hands-on printing demonstration
▪ Stretch and prep a screen
▪ Different meshes for different applications
▪ Handcut wax paper stencils
▪ Registration for two or more colours
▪ Photostencil preparation: coating screens
▪ Low-tech drying systems

Day 2

▪ Preparing line art film positives for photostencils
▪ Cutting red rubylith film for photostencil fills
▪ Exposing and processing photostencils
▪ Printing with photostencils
▪ Reclaiming photostencil screens
▪ Troubleshooting typical problems in all screen
▪ Silkscreen resources.
▪ Troubleshooting typical problems in most screen
▪ Silkscreen resources
▪ Evaluation

Hours: 9-12:30, 1:30-4 each day with two breaks.

Bill will supply:

Silkscreens, inks, squeegees, assorted paper stock, samples
and stencil materials.

Participants should bring the following:

▪ a graphic art knife (e.g. X-acto or KDH) (not a utility
knife) and scissors
▪ small (e.g. 8” x 10”) sheet of glass, matte board or selfhealing
cutting surface
▪ sketch paper, ruler, drawing materials.
▪ Scotch tape (preferably blue label, removable)
▪ 250 ml plastic yogurt-type containers with lids
▪ apron and old clothes to wear for printing; rubber
gloves for washup
▪ drafting pen with ink for film (optional) and small
cheap watercolour brush
▪ can bring your own silk screens if you have them
(optional), but must be small (e.g. < 24” any
dimension) and made of synthetic mesh like nylon or
polyester (not silk)
▪ A blank, light-coloured 100% cotton T-shirt (optional)
for printing a test on
▪ Your own art or photographic image: line art (not too
fine) or greyscale

Winter sunlight photostencil setup in the north!

Where: 4495 Happy Valley Rd, Metchosin ArtPod in the DIY Room

When: Saturday, February 19 – 20, 2022  9 am – 4 pm  (12 max)

Cost: $158.00 for 2 Day Workshop (CARFAC members 5% discount)


Bill Horne

Bill lives in Saanich with fellow artist Claire Kujundzic
where they are building a new studio. He has exhibited his
work across Canada, in Basque Country and Japan. He
has silkscreened images onto x-rays, concrete and marble,
moosehide, and ukelales. Occasionally he silkscreens
T-shirts for a variety of clients and fundraisers.
Bill has been an artist-in-residence at the Banff Centre
and Engramme in Québec City. He is a Past President
of Canadian Artists’ Representation (CARFAC) BC and
former member of CARFAC’s National Executive. In 2013
he was awarded CARFAC National’s Artist Advocacy
Award. His print Babarrunak Raku won a Prize of
Excellence in the 2019 Tokyo International Screen Print