Submission Guidelines

• 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Artworks are accepted for all Calls to Artists.

• Maximum size for 2-D Artworks is 7ft in length X 5ft in width. No Minimum size restriction.

• Artworks submitted must be original artworks.

• Artworks submitted must be that of the artist. It must not be a copy of another artist’s artwork. The artist must not use any copyright material within their artwork unless it has been altered in a significant way, or unless the artist has been given permission to use materials such as photographic imagery.

• We accept limited edition prints such as giclee, inkjet and /or archival ink. We accept prints that are printed onto various substrates.

• Submission fees $10 per submission, non-refundable even if not selected. There is no additional hanging fee if piece is selected for the show.

• Maximum of 3 art works.

• All mediums welcome.

• When submitting artworks, please include the following information with each image:
a. Title of Work: eg: Early Bird
b. Artist Name: eg: Jane Sparrow
c. Artist e-mail: eg:
d. Medium: eg: acrylic on board
e. Number of the image: eg: 1 of 3 images
f. Dimensions: eg: 16”x16″
g. Weight: eg: 250g (If over 20lbs)

h. How piece fits with theme/ Artist blurb: I am often up early in the morning and watching the birds at the feeder as the sun comes up is my favorite part of the day.

*Send your Art Works to the following E-Mail: Please include with your submission, your preferred method of payment (We currently accept e-transfer, credit card, cheque, or cash). We will contact you to arrange for payment.

• Artwork(s) accepted will be displayed at the expertise and discretion of the Adjudication committee. The ArtPod Jury Committee retains the right to refuse any work deemed unacceptable upon viewing in person.

• ArtPod does not hold insurance for items in the show. That said, works on display are never left unattended when the Gallery is open.