Courtney Standing

I am a freelance artist, singer/songwriter as well as Social Media Manager for Funnel Edge Marketing. Born in 1986, I am Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, where I attained my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2018 from the University of Alberta. I specialize in oil painting and drawing, and I enjoy pushing the boundaries of Painting, experimenting with materials, textures, and processes. I am a twin, therefore, my artwork tends to explore ideas of duality. Drawing from feelings of loss and uncertainty, my work addresses themes of self-love, healing, and transformation. I am inspired by poetry, educators, and research findings about the healing power of nature.

I’ve always wanted to be an artist but when I first experienced life model painting I fell in love with the excitement of fast-paced painting. The energy that is portrayed in every brushstroke, capturing every curve, line, and subtle undulation found in nature. Since moving to the Island I have found a love for plein air painting (painting outdoors) to best capture the uniqueness of the landscape, such as the Arbutus tree. There is a symbiotic relationship between people and trees. Arbutus trees are magical in their presence, peeling skins, and entangled branches that reach for the sun.

Recently, I have been working on portrait commissions incorporating one’s material belongings into each painting, giving every portrait a tactile 3D quality, while preserving a memory and essence of a person on a deeper level.


“Vulnerability” Mixed mediums on Canvas.


“Reveal” Mixed Mediums on Canvas