This open call invites artists to submit art work inspired by different media: work inspired by a different art form. For example: an artist may submit a drawing inspired by a song or dance or poem, a sculpture inspired by another person’s painting, a piece of music inspired by mural, a fiddle tune inspired photograph, a poem inspired by an art installation.

We are interested in how inspiration is translated. How is the essence of what moves us in a piece of art, a poem, a piece of music, transformed through our own interpretations into new media? What of that original energy or essence remains? Or does it transform entirely into something new?

Open call submissions should include material referencing the initial inspiration. (e.g. a postcard sized image, a copy of written material, a video) which could be displayed with the submitted works.

Juror: TBA. Ekprhasis will run September 30 to November 20. Deadline for submissions is September 15, 2022. Submission guidelines are available here: Submission Guidelines. There is a hanging fee for accepted entries as well as your entry fee. Please read the copyright guidelines carefully.

Entries for this show will be managed using ArtCall (you will need to register for free at their site); instead of using gmail please submit your registration and application via https://ekphrasis.artcall.org/ A video on how to do your submission using ArtCall is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7QnOh5WBhM