The Great Forgery Show

​​​​​​Welcome Great Forgery Show Artist!

Deadline for entries: March 10, 2023. Deadline extended to March 19, 2023.
The show will run March 31st to May 28th 2023.

Please read these instructions fully AND read through our general submission guidelines at as these go over important general information about copyright and originality, as well as where and when works can have previously been shown and other general information.

For this show we invite submissions of yet undiscovered ‘masterpieces’. The idea is to produce the most convincing forgery you can. Using your own reference material and subject matter you will create a ‘masterpiece’ never before seen, of extraordinary value!

We are not looking for copies of previously existing work but art “in the style of” or “attributed to” a great historical or contemporary artist. We are hoping artists will have fun with this theme. Feel free to stretch the interpretation of ‘forgery’; maybe you will choose a well-known artist, local or not, but who is not necessarily considered a ‘master’ (yet!); maybe you will take a well-known painting, like the haystacks of Claude Monet but use the hay bales of Metchosin as subject matter (done in Monet’s style, painted while he was vacationing here all those years ago); or maybe you will make bean cans out of clay, (Warhol’s little-known excursion into ceramics) since sculpture and 3D work is encouraged!

Along with your artwork we ask you to submit a short blurb about how you came to find this wonderful undiscovered piece. Maybe you bought it at a garage sale, inherited it or found it in your granny’s attic, for example.

We also want you to submit the artist’s name it is attributed to, the year it was created by that artist, and the price you expect for this magnificent discovery. And, of course, the real price. Eg: “Woman with a ferret”, attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, 1489, 1.5 million. $550.

Each submission should include a photograph of your work as well as an example of the work of the artist you are creating a forgery for. Perhaps you have gathered some convincing evidence that your ‘masterpiece’ is genuine. You can include this with your photo references. For this call we will allow up to 10 photos to accompany your work. Please distinguish the reference photo for the forgery with the ‘original’ artists name from your name.

Pricing: In the Sale Price Field, input your price for your forgery. In the fictional sale price please enter an estimated current auction value for your forgery.

Each submission is $10.00. If you get accepted to the show, there is an additional $10.00 hanging fee which Artcall calls the ‘booth’ fee.

Submissions may be made vis this web address: or by using the qrcode below: