Introduction to Free Expression

Painting Workshop

with Caroline James

Saturday, September 9th from 9:30-4:30.
Location: 4495 Happy Valley Road, Metchosin Arts and Cultural Centre.

Contact to register.

This full day long creative experience is a delicious taste of the powerful three or four day Free Expression Painting workshop. Learn all of the basics of free expression painting aided by a morning group art activity that will move us quickly through nervousness to fun and play and super charged creativity!

Free Expression Painting is a means of touching the thing that many people feel is missing in their lives – an authentic way of expressing the images and stories that we all have inside. Each of us has a unique vision of the world. The greatest and most masterful painters were those who had the need and the courage to express their original vision, even if it stood outside the acceptable norms of the time. “Different” or “ugly” is often later understood as genius.
We will use very simple, inexpensive paints and brushes, journaling and various other writing techniques to open us to the creative self. Students interact with the teacher one-on-one, but there is no critique or analysis of the work within the class. Your paintings are for you. No one is allowed to comment on anyone else’s work. My chief goal is to create a safe place for everyone to explore the immense joy of finding a space of trust in the power of their creative core. This happens by allowing and accepting whatever images come up within the process.