November Newsletter, 2023

Friday, October 6th to November 12th. ArtPod’s members exhibit explorations of “Home”
Home is a concept we hold in our hearts, a place more felt than touched. Home is about much more than little boxes on the hillside, more than a cliché, a term usurped by big box stores tied in with consumerism.  Homes come in all shapes and concepts.  It may be the part of the planet with which we most identify and feel comfortable.  It may be held by a community or persons alive or passed or found in traditions or objects that hold memories.  It may be a place we go to in our imagination, like in Alice in Wonderland or The Chronicles of Narnia.  

It may be a view from space of our tiny blue planet and the narrow spectrum of climate that we live in and can call Home, or it may be a look at the borders that lawfully define where we are permitted to call Home.  Home may be deeply rooted and present, or an innovative concept, a dream of a place that is yet to exist, or an invented technological organism capable of providing the essential protection that Home offers.

Small Artworks Winter Show and Sale Call for Entry Only three days left to submit
Artists are invited to submit at least three sample images of small artworks to our juried show, Small Artworks Winter Show & Sale. Work can be submitted from September 1st until the deadline, midnight November 3rd . We hope to have a diverse range of engaging, small artwork of all mediums available for visitors throughout the six-week show from Friday, November 17th to Sunday, December 24th. The gallery is open Friday to Sunday, 11 am – 4 pm. For more information, visit our website:
Please Join us at our opening Gala Saturday, November 18th, 2pm to 4pm 

David Westelmajer Retrospective: Saturday, November 11th, 2023, 1 pm. One of our founding members, David Westelmajer, died prematurely on June 20th. He was a wonderful person and a creative dynamo. He specialized in stained glass and ceramics. His work will be on display, and much of it will be available for purchase by donation but with a suggested price.

His artwork will be at the gallery both Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., but at 1 p.m. we will gather to talk about David and his creative journey. All are welcome as we remember this treasured member of ArtPod.

Rural Sketching, Wednesday, 2 pm to 4 pm

 Rural Sketching – We will notify you of the weekly practice session location on Wednesday morning, and we will meet at the site first.

This is a get-together for anyone, from beginners to experienced sketchers,  interested in weekly sketching sessions. Rain or shine. Weather permitting we will go to an outdoor location such as a park, forest, beach but if bad weather we will arrange an indoor location to sketch found objects or views from a window, or the inside environment. This is inspired by a recent Field Journaling workshop, given by botanist and artist Lyn Baldwin in Metchosin.  See

No instruction but tips can be shared, if desired. Suggested basic supplies needed: sketchbook, felt-tip permanent ink (not water-soluble) pen, pencil, eraser, seat pad. If adding watercolour the sketchbook pages should be heavy enough to allowing wetting.

Contact Diana @

Monday Portrait Group

Photos of a weekly model are sent out Sunday evening or Monday mornings to all portrait painters who have signed up. Create your own portrait in any medium and have fun! Please contact Diana to sign up, or for more details at, 250-888-9533 or  (Portraits by Diana Farrell and Lee Richardson

Tuesday Life Drawing, 10 am to 12 pm

Drawing by Janet Moore
This is an open invitation to artists of all experience to join us Tuesdays,10am-12pm, in the upstairs DIY studio at Metchosin Arts and Cultural Centre. Sessions are $10 payable in cash on the day you attend. Models are nude and the room holds 20 people (first come first served) and sorry, is not wheelchair friendly. For more information contact the coordinator, Janet Moore at

 Upcoming events

Our Member Derek Kasper, will be in the Pacific Rim Potters annual show and sale on Saturday, November 4th at Knox Presbyterian Church Hall- 2964 Richmond Road in Victoria from, 10am to 4pm 

 ArtPod Show themes for 2024 with ‘working titles

February-March “The Look of Love” This is our next show with an open call coming December 1st.

The Look of Love: Art as a love language. In this show, artists are tasked with making love visible. Love is everywhere. Sometimes it is grandiose, obvious, visible; other times, love is tiny, nearly invisible, implied, elusive, or unrequited. Sometimes it seems altogether lost. So what does it look like?  
It is said that love starts with the self and only then can move outwards, so love reveals inner values and softness, hurts and connections. Love shares what is important. Ask yourself: Is Art truly a “love language”? If so, then in what ways is this language expressed? How would you represent or portray love?  If you were writing a letter about the things that move you the most, but did not have words, what would that look like?
Think beyond the obvious of pink hearts and red lace. Think of the skip of a heartbeat when hearing a favourite piece of music… the held breath at the sight of the curve of a loved one’s cheek… the whole-body tingle watching a vista unfold at daybreak. That feeling of connection and “zing!” In this show, we are interested in exploring all manifestations of love: for and between people, for places, for objects, for activities, for concepts monumental and microscopic… As our world dances along knife edges, share with us your zing! Let your art be your message of love to the world -It might be what saves us all. “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do”.  -Rumi
April-May “Water”-All things water.

June-July “Self Portraits”-open interpretation.

August-September “Palimpsest/ Patina/ Layers”-What happens when the slate is no longer blank? The theme of ‘Palimpsest’  is an exploration of time and change.

October-November “Sleepless”- The things that keep you up at night.

November December “Winter Show”- TBD