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 Sensory Synergy: Gallery Artist Playlists!

“Art and music have long been intertwined, with each medium influencing and inspiring the other. The emotional depth and expressive qualities found in both art forms create a harmonious connection that can evoke profound experiences for those who appreciate them.”

A Symphony of Creativity: Explore the Intersection of Music and Art -Jacob Anderson

We are very excited about this project and have already received enthusiastic feedback from the artists whose work will be featured in our first show of the year:  The Look of Love: Art as a Love Language. What better way to explore this theme than to introduce music? The exhibit runs from Feb. 2nd to April 7th – we encourage you to visit and let us know what you think about our Sensory Synergy initiative.

“Artists and musicians produce works that not only elicit emotions, but also change one’s mood, evoke memories, and provide comfort and inspiration. Because they share aspects such as harmony, balance, rhythm, and repetition, visual art and music have many parallels.”

Dahlia Hosney -Visual Artist

You might notice that our goal for 2024 is to enhance our visual art exhibits by inviting our artists to suggest musical pairings that inspired their work or speak to it in some way. These submissions are used to create playlists on YouTube to accompany the show and make them available to the public via a link on our website. We have two motives. We hope that:

  1. Our participating artists find their creative experience enriched by considering music as part of their process
  2. Highlighting and integrating visual and auditory art forms in the gallery will enhance the viewer’s experience. 

We would also like to acknowledge the West Shore Arts Council for providing project assistance for this initiative.