Upcoming Exhibitions


ArtPod Member New Work Show

Exhibition Dates: Oct 6 through Nov 12, 2023
Gallery Hours: FRI through SUN 11-4
Gala: Oct 7th, 2 pm-4 pm. Open to all.
Location: 4495 HAPPY VALLEY RD, Metchosin, BC

ArtPod’s exhibit, beginning in October 2023, explores all things “Home.”

Home is a concept we hold in our hearts, a place more felt than touched. With over 1.2% of people worldwide having been forced to leave their homes, whether from climate change, wars or for political reasons, the idea of Home has taken on a charged status. In delving into Home, we look more deeply into Canadian culture and our identity.

Home is about much more than little boxes on the hillside, more than a cliché, a term usurped by big box stores tied in with consumerism.  Homes come in all shapes and concepts.  It may be the part of the planet with which we most identify and feel comfortable.  It may be held by a community or persons alive or passed or found in traditions or objects that hold memories.  It may be a place we go to in our imagination, like in Alice in Wonderland or The Chronicles of Narnia.  It may be a view from space of our tiny blue planet and the narrow spectrum of climate that we live in and can call Home, or it may be a look at the borders that lawfully define where we are permitted to call Home.  Home may be deeply rooted and present, or an innovative concept, a dream of a place that is yet to exist, or an invented technological organism capable of providing the essential protection that Home offers.

Each of us is born with different needs, and Home should be a place where our needs are met. But this is not always the case.  There is both a very dark and very light side to Home. Homes can carry for us both good and dark memories.  From whatever walk of life we come from, whether colonial, indigenous or immigrant, we all seek homes to meet our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, a place of coexistence and peace.

Metchosin ArtPod’s 2023 exhibit explores the emotional, physical and planetary foundation of all things Home.

David Westelmajer Retrospective

Saturday, November 11th, 2023, 1 pm

One of our founding members, David Westelmajer, died prematurely on June 20th. He was a wonderful person and a creative dynamo. He specialized in stained glass and ceramics. His work will be on display, and much of it will be available for purchase, by donation, but with a suggested price.
His artwork will be at the gallery both Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm, but at 1 pm, we will gather to talk about David and his creative journey.
All are welcome as we remember this treasured member of ArtPod.

Small Artwork Winter Show

(Nov 17-Dec 24, 2023)

Submissions will be accepted between September 1st, and November 3rd.

Love Stories

(Feb 2-Mar 31, 2024)

Submissions will be accepted between December 1st and 19th.


(Apr 5-May 26th, 2024)

Submissions will be accepted between February 12th and March 22nd.

Self Portraits

(May 31st-July 28th, 2024)

Submissions will be accepted between April 15th and May 17th.


(Aug 2, -Sept 29th,  2024)

Submissions will be accepted between June 10th and July 15th.


(Oct 4th-Nov 17th,  2024)

ArtPod members’ new works show.

Small Artwork Winter Show

(Nov 22 -Dec 24th,  2024)

Submissions will be accepted between September 27th and November 1st.