Exhibition Dates: April 5th thru May 26, 2024

Gallery Hours: FRI through SUN 11-4
Gala: Sat, Oct 7th, 2 pm-4 pm. Open to all.
Location: 4495 Happy Valley Rd, Metchosin, BC

This exhibition explores the 1.386 billion cubic kilometres of our hydrosphere and its impact on humanity.

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Submission Guidelines

  • To submit your artwork and information, please use ArtCall at https://artcall.org/ on or before the announced deadline. For each work, please include the title, artist name, artist email, medium and substrate, price, image filename/s (multiple images are accepted if they help clarify the work), dimensions, weight (if over 20lbs), and how the piece fits with the theme (i.e. artist’s statement).
  • If it’s your first time using ArtCall, sign up for a free account and watch the tutorial on how to submit your work on ArtCall.
  • Each show will have a unique ArtCall link, in the format nameofshow/artcall.org, which can be found in the Call to Artists once submissions open.
  • We welcome both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional artworks. 2D artwork must not exceed 7 feet in height and 5 feet in width, but there is no minimum size requirement.
  • The artwork submitted must be original and created by the artist. It cannot be a copy of another artist’s work or include copyrighted material unless it has been significantly altered. In other words, the artwork should not be based on another artist’s work or use any of it.
  • Work submitted should not have been exhibited in a juried art show or gallery on southern Vancouver Island in the past year. This includes the Saanich Peninsula, Victoria, the Western Communities south of the Malahat summit, Sooke and the communities west of Sooke as far as Shirley.
  • While you can use your photographs as reference material, you cannot substantially use photos taken by professional photographers, or stock imagery, even with permission. You may only use reference photos taken by you personally or by an amateur photographer who has provided express consent for their use.  
  • We accept limited edition photographs and prints, such as giclee, inkjet, and archival ink, on various substrates, including canvas. The editions submitted should not exceed 25. For photographs, the images should be taken by the artist and should not contain any images of another artist’s work, such as a totem pole by a First Nations artist.
  • To submit your artwork, there is a non-refundable submission fee of $10 per artwork. This fee must be paid at the same time as the submission and can be made via ArtCall.
  • If your artwork is selected for the show, there will be an additional hanging fee (referred to as a booth fee in ArtCall) of $10 per piece. If your work is accepted, you must pay the hanging fee via ArtCall before dropping off your work for the show. When submitting your artwork, you will need to indicate your acceptance of this potential fee.
  • All mediums are welcome and artists can submit up to three works.
  • Please ensure that the dimensions of your submission image are at least 1024 X 768 pixels and do not exceed 1500 pixels in height or width.
  • The juror(s) reserve the right to accept or reject artwork(s) at their discretion. Artists will typically be notified of acceptance or rejection within one week of the deadline. 
  • Metchosin ArtPod retains the right to refuse any artwork that is deemed unacceptable upon viewing in person. Sometimes, submitted photographs are unclear and not representative, despite everyone’s best efforts; therefore, artwork must be dry, and matting and frame must be in good condition (if used). Glass, if used, should be clean. All artwork must be ready to hang or display, using D-rings and wire rather than sawtooth picture hangers. Please note that a piece may be declined if we determine we cannot display it in a manner that we deem safe for both the piece and the viewers.
  • ArtPod does not have insurance for the artwork in the show. Therefore, the owner takes the risk for any damage or loss. During the opening hours of the Gallery, the artwork is monitored to prevent any harm.
  • All artwork submitted must be for sale. If a piece is sold during the event, ArtPod charges a 25% commission.
  • Artwork is to remain up for the duration of the show and picked up, by the artist or buyer, at 4 p.m. on the last day of the event, unless ArtPod has agreed upon alternative arrangements.
  • Payment will be made to artists for any work sold within one week of the show’s end, by e-transfer to the artists’ email, unless alternative arrangements are made beforehand. There are no refunds for withdrawing from juried exhibitions.